Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 Reading Resolutions Tag

2017 Reading Resolutions
saw first here: jessethereader

1. An Author You Would Like to Read a Book By that You've Never Read a Book By Before?

Currently Working On Completing this Resolution with The Archived.


2. A Book You'd Like to Read?


3. A Classic You Would Like to Read?


4. A Book You'd Like to Reread?

I'm pretty certain I read this when I was younger, although I am not 100% positive (I know I definitely started it), but with the new series on Netflix, I wanted to hop right into the novels.


5. A Book You've Had for Ages that You Want to Read?


6. A Big Book that You'd Like to Read?


7. An Author that You've Read in the Past that You Want to Read More From?

22053410 20499923 

8. A Book You Got For Christmas that You Would Like to Read?

Don't Hate Me... Please...


9. A Series You Want to Read From Start to Finish?


10. A Series that You Want to Finish that You Have Already Started?

I only have one more book in this series to read.


11. How Many Books Do You Plan to Read During 2017? <-- This many and you can follow along as I complete the challenge if you are interested (all books that I read will be listed on this blog at some point, regardless if I do a review or not).

12. Do You Have Any Other Reading Goals?

You can check out any other reading goals by going to this link:

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