Monday, January 2, 2017

Review: My Life in Black and White by Natasha Friend

19192437My Life in Black and White by Natasha Friend

What if you lost the thing that made you who you are? 

Lexi has always been stunning. Her butter-colored hair and perfect features have helped her attract friends, a boyfriend, and the attention of a modeling scout. But everything changes the night Lexi's face goes through a windshield. Now she's not sure what's worse: the scars she'll have to live with forever, or what she saw going on between her best friend and her boyfriend right before the accident. With the help of her trombone-playing, defiantly uncool older sister and a guy at school recovering from his own recent trauma, Lexi learns she's much more than just a pretty face.

Pages: 304
Format: E-Book
Published By: Viking Books for Young Readers
Genre: Young Adult - Contemporary


The premise of the story sounded interesting, young girl whose life gets thrown upside down because of an accident, and the plot itself lived up to what I was expecting. There were, at times, where I felt bad for Alexa, or Lex, because of the pain and suffereing she was going through. That's all that I felt for her though. Other than that, I did not like her at all. 

The author was definitely going for a character who was not the most likable at the beginning, who you get to see change throughout the story, which she did a good job doing. My problem was that there was almost no redeemable quality, in my opinion, about her at the beginning, and by the end of the story, I just didn't really care. For me, I like to feel some connection to the main character at the beginning of the story, or I typically never connect, even when the character does get better, like she did in this story.

Besides that issue with Lex that I had, the book was really interesting. There were a few things I didn't really like throughout the story, but not enough that the plot wasn't good. It was also slow, which is another thing that I typically don't like when reading. I'm all about pace and keeping things moving, but in My Life in Black and White, the slower pace fits.


  1. It's too bad you were never really able to connect to the main character.

  2. I thought that the book is quite interesting. I can see why it is hard to establish a connection with the characters. I cannot wait to read it cover to cover.

  3. Appreciate your honest review! Great cover though!