Friday, September 8, 2017

Tour + Review and Giveaway: Wings Unseen by Rebecca Gomex Farrell

Wings Unseen
Rebecca Gomez Farrell
Published by: Meerkat Press
Publication date: August 22nd 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
To end a civil war, Lansera’s King Turyn relinquished a quarter of his kingdom to create Medua, exiling all who would honor greed over valor to this new realm on the other side of the mountains. The Meduans and Lanserim have maintained an uneasy truce for two generations, but their ways of life are as compatible as oil and water.
When Vesperi, a Meduan noblewoman, kills a Lanserim spy with a lick of her silver flame, she hopes the powerful display of magic will convince her father to name her as his heir. She doesn’t know the act will draw the eye of the tyrannical Guj, Medua’s leader, or that the spy was the brother of Serrafina Gavenstone, the fiancèe of Turyn’s grandson, Prince Janto. As Janto sets out for an annual competition on the mysterious island of Braven, Serra accepts an invitation to study with the religious Brotherhood, hoping for somewhere to grieve her brother’s murder in peace. What she finds instead is a horror that threatens both countries, devouring all living things and leaving husks of skin in its wake.
To defeat it, Janto and Serra must learn to work together with the only person who possesses the magic that can: the beautiful Vesperi, whom no one knows murdered Serra’s brother. An ultimate rejection plunges Vesperi forward toward their shared destiny, with the powerful Guj on her heels and the menacing beating of unseen wings all about.
Readers of all ages will enjoy Wings Unseen, Rebecca Gomez Farrell’s first full-length novel. It is a fully-imagined epic fantasy with an unforgettable cast of characters.

3.5 stars

Wings Unseen was an enjoyable story that hooked me from the beginning, even though it wasn't a favorite of mine, there was a lot about the story that I really liked and loved.

The plot of the story for one was something that I was really hooked by. Another good aspect of the story was the characters. I enjoyed all three: Serra, Janto, and Vesperi - they all were different and added a unique perspective to the story. The descriptions in the book were amazing, and you could easily see the world in your mind's eye.

What prevented me from loving this book was the harsh language. I just wasn't expecting that from this story, and I'm not a huge fan of language in novels anyway, and I just felt like this was too much for me. There were also a few moments where I felt a little confused while reading.

I would recommend this story to lovers of fantasy, and I definitely look forward to reading more by Rebecca Gomex Farrell.

Author Bio:
In all but one career aptitude test Rebecca Gomez Farrell has taken, writer has been the #1 result. But when she tastes the salty air and hears the sea lions bark, she wonders if maybe sea captain was the right choice after all. Currently marooned in Oakland, CA, Becca is an associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Her short stories, which run the gamut of speculative fiction genres, have been published by Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Pulp Literature, the Future Fire, Typehouse Literary Magazine, and an upcoming story in theDark, Luminous Wings anthology from Pole to Pole Publishing among others. Maya’s Vacation, her contemporary romance novella, is available from Clean Reads. She is thrilled to have Meerkat Press publish her debut novel.
Becca’s food, drink, and travel writing, which has appeared in local media in CA and NC, can primarily be found at her blog, The Gourmez. For a list of all her published work, fiction and nonfiction, check out her author website at 



  1. Thanks so much for hosting a stop on the blog tour and for reviewing the book!

    1. Your welcome! Thank you so much for the opportunity to read Wings Unseen.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read and review Wings Unseen, Chelsea! The c-word definitely makes a few appearances throughout, pushing it more toward New Adult, I think, but I'm so glad you otherwise enjoyed the story and characters!

    1. Your welcome! Thank you for the opportunity to read your book!