Monday, January 22, 2018

Changes To My Blog

As it draws near to the end of January of this new year, I was reflecting upon some of past posts on this blog. Excluding reviews for tours, I haven't reviewed many books that I have chosen to read, and I plan to do more of that in the coming year (until April-ish). After that I am graduating college, so we'll see how I am able to keep up with reviewing when I probably get a new job in my field. But for now, I plan to do more reviews, and for my personal reviews (not associated with tours), I want to change the way I review, we will see in the next few weeks how this works out.

Another thing that I am going to try to do more of is Top Ten Tuesdays and Tag Thursdays. I have a lot of blitzes and tours that I feature and that I am apart of throughout last year, and already scheduled for this year. I want to feature more individual and unique things on my blog. As of right now, I actually have a lot of Top Ten posts planned for the coming weeks.

As this is a new year, I have made it a goal to not only expand on what I am reading as a reader, but also to expand what I do and feature on my blog.

- Chelsea

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