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Blitz + Excerpt, Giveaway, and Extra: According to Audrey by Happy LaShelle

According to Audrey
Happy LaShelle
Published by: Clean Teen Publishing
Publication date: April 30th 2018
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Cautious and introverted, seventeen-year-old Dove spends most of her free time pursuing her one true passion: painting. The twinkling lights of Balboa Island, the ferryboat to the peninsula, the fire pits on Big Corona Beach…these have long been the subjects of her canvases as she daydreams about finding an Audrey Hepburn-film kind of romance.
A hotshot jock is exactly not the type of guy she’s been looking for—but when Leo Donovan drops his cool act to show his vulnerable side, Dove begins to question everything. But first she’ll have to navigate her way through claim-staking mean girls and disapproving parents—and still keep her focus on attending the art school of her dreams.
Being in love turns out to be more complex than the average silver-screen classic. Can Dove follow her heart (and Audrey’s cues) to create her own perfect Hollywood ending?

Leo gently took the bag from my nose and wrapped the ice in the washcloth. “This will be more comfortable,” he said, eyeing my nose like an expert. “It doesn’t look swollen at all, that’s good.” He put the ice into my hand and helped guide it back to my face.
It was not possible to feel any more un-pretty than at this moment. Pain and embarrassment had now mingled into one big uncomfortable feeling. But another feeling was creeping up. I stole another glance at him. He looked like a Hollywood film star from the 1950s—chiseled, with a squinty stare.
I summoned the nerve to look into his eyes and finally spoke. “Thanks, I think I’m okay.” My attraction clashed with my desire to hide. Suddenly I wanted him to go away and stay all at the same time.
His brown eyes locked onto mine, and his mouth turned up at the corners. Was he enjoying my embarrassment? I had no choice but to laugh. “What?” I asked, pulling the ice away from my face.
He grinned and sat down next to me. “Dove, you need to keep the ice on it,” he said, placing it back onto my nose.
The gentle way he said my name made my heart race faster and I searched his face, drinking in its sincerity: his deep gaze—somehow it made me feel safe, and his lips seemed to be just waiting to… kiss me.
All at once, my enamored thoughts screeched to an abrupt stop.
No way.
My stomach twisted into a painful knot. How could I have fallen for the sensitive, caring act? Was I really lame enough to get all dreamy-eyed over a few sweet words and a pack of ice? There was no way I was going to end up as one of his conquests. With the ice still held to my nose, I stood with as much dignity as possible.
“Thanks, I’m fine now.” I lowered the ice and looked straight into his dark, concern-filled eyes, shooting him a glare. “I have to go.”

Audrey Style 101


In my YA novel, According to Audrey, the main character, Dove, is enamored with all things Audrey Hepburn. In large part, Dove is captivated by Audrey’s inner essence—Audrey’s confident air, her daring spirit… her carefree way with life. But one cannot admire Audrey Hepburn without also appreciating her iconic flair for outer style! Art, not fashion, is Dove’s main focus, but Dove is still enchanted - like many of us - with Audrey’s effortless sense of stylish beauty and timeless fashion.

Let’s look at a few of Dove’s go–to Audrey fashion basics:

Black Ballet Flats


Audrey trained as a ballerina in her younger years and later loved pairing this ballet-inspired shoe with pants, capris, and dresses. Dove slips hers on with jeans all the time!

Pea Coat or Trench Coat


The double-breasted buttons on these nautical-inspired coats give effortless structure and style to any outfit. Dove loves to hang out on the boat docks bundled up in her navy pea coat.

Sleeveless Slip Dress


Simple necklines on these dresses make for an easy yet sophisticated Audrey look. This timeless classic is a chic addition to any wardrobe. Dove dons an emerald green, silky sleeveless dress for her high school graduation night.

Tiffany Blue Sweater

A simple crewneck sweater is the perfect Audrey-inspired top. Clean lines and understated elegance make this an easy, go-to piece. And Dove’s sweater is Tiffany blue, of course!

Author Bio:
Happy LaShelle is a writer, mom of three, and wife to a Basque baker who brings home loaves of crusty sourdough everyday. She lives near the mission bells in sunny Santa Barbara, but loves the cold, rainy banks of London's Thames River just as much as the sandy shores of her Newport Beach hometown. She studied History at UCLA and enjoys taking pictures of old stuff. Because everything has a story. 


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