Thursday, May 17, 2018

Scallywagathon 2018 TBR

The Scallywagathon is a readathon that is from May 20th-27th and is hosted by Ali from HardbackHoarder (you should definitely check out her youtube page if you haven't already) and Amanda from Read All the Books. So the Scallywagathon is a readathon where the goal is to complete 4 of the challenges. You start between 1-5, and then you follow the path to the next challenge on the map. Here is the link to the official page for the readathon where the map and challenges are: Scallywagathon. I am also including the map below and the challenges. For example, if you choose to start on challenge 1, after completion, you can either go to challenge 6 or 7. If you start with challenge 5, you can go to challenge 6 or 8. But if you want to do it by actually following the paths, you stick to the color scheme. From 5, you can go to 8, but you can't go to 5 from 8, only A or C.

So for this readathon, I have decided to start with challenge 5. So this is what I am planning to read starting on Monday for this readathon, but who knows what will happen when next week gets here.

5) Valiant by Lesley Livingston
6) Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
A) Impossible Vastness of Us by Samantha Young
9) This Darkness Mine by Mindy McGinnis


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  1. Oh my goodness this is so much fun! I wish I'd seen this before it started. I would have totally signed up with my book blog :D