Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Reading Resolutions

I hope that your year is starting off great - and I hope that you have a great one. Every year I make a list of just some reading goals that I want to accomplish in that year, and I would venture to guess that many other readers out there do the same. Sometimes they are the same goals year to year, and other times they are different goals. This year they are mostly the same, with a new addition.

1. Meet My Goodreads Reading Challenge Goal

I try to do this every year, but every year the amount of books that I try to read changes depending on how much time I think I will have to read books. This year my goal is to read is 150.

2. Listen to 10 Audiobooks

3. Read 10 Contemporary Novels

Contemporary books are my least favorite genre, so every year I just aim to read 10, sometimes I read more and other times I don't meet the 10 books.

4. Read a book in all of the following genres:

Historical Fiction
Fairytale Retelling
Graphic Novel/Manga
Middle Grade

5. Read 10 books that are longer than 500 pages

6. Finish the Series of Unfortunate Events

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