Author Corner and Review Policy

Dear Authors of YA/MG and NA/Adult,

Please review the status of the following two statements before filling out the forms. I will not always include a reason as to why I am not accepting anything. Typically if I am not accepting, it's because I have quite a few already and school is busy.

CURRENTLY Accepting Review Requests
CURRENTLY Accepting Any Promo Requests

If you would like to send me a review request, I ask that you email me at this address: If you would like me to do a promo post, I ask that you just send the HTML for the promo post to This is because I am the only reviewer for my blog, but there is another blogger who sometimes handles posting promos when I am unavailable to do so. I will not respond to any review requests that are sent to

If you are an author of YA or MG novels, you will see those reviews posted for that book on this blog. If you are an author of NA or Adult novels, you will see those reviews posted for the book on my adult blog:

If you would like, you may copy and paste the below form, or you can send the request however you like, but I would prefer all of the following information.

Title of Book:
How long do I have to review it: Minimum of 2 weeks
Format: I prefer physical copies, but I understand cost is more expensive, so I also accept mobi/kindle format

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