Author Corner and Review Policy

Dear Authors of YA and NA/Adult,

Please review the status of the following two statements before filling out the forms. I will not always include a reason as to why I am not accepting anything. Typically if I am not accepting, it's because I have quite a few already and school is busy.

Currently Accepting Review Requests: Sign Up Here

Currently Accepting Any Promo Requests: Sign Up Here

I have a form for authors of YA to fill out if they would like me to read and review their book. Regarding reviews that are not associated with tours, I would like a minimum of a month to read and review the book (at least during the school year). During the summer, a minimum of two weeks is fine. I prefer physical copies, but I realize that e-copies are much cheaper for you to send to me, so the formats I accept of books are physical copies and mobi files. If you do not have a mobi file, pdf does work. I review Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Childrens. If you would like me to review a Childrens book, I do require physical copies because I read them to the children that I babysit.

I will also be setting up a form for authors of YA, NA, and Adult to fill out if they would like to have me host a giveaway, guest post, interview, promo of any sort on my blog. I ask that you do not include any books that have mature content, like erotica or bdsm, since this blog is geared more towards YA readers (but I also realize that YA readers might also read NA or Adult which is why I will feature your books on my blog). The covers must be acceptable for the younger audience to look at, so please only submit books with clean covers.

Also if any author is interested, I have done this occassionally, and I will include some pictures on my instagram of this for you to see. I love helping authors anyway I can, and this includes putting bookmarks at my local library and bookstores. If you are interested in that, please email me here: I will always be accepting requests for this because my library is close, and I go there frequently. I will also feature your book on my pinterest account, and if I have a physical copy, I will feature it along with the bookmarks on my instagram account.

Other ways I am interested in promoting you, send me a prewritten tweet, and I will tweet it for an entire week. More ways will be added... if you have ideas how I can promote your book(s), just let me know.

If you would like to follow me, I will include all the links here (they are/will be located along the right side of this blog also).


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