Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tour + Excerpt, Review, and Giveaway: Remnant of Power by J.A. Deakin

Remnant of Power
by J.A. Deakin


GENRE: YA Fantasy


Remnant of Power

Sent to marry the brutal King Ulric of Arvad, seventeen year-old Princess Yavenna is already trying to plan her escape. Then she discovers powers she never knew she had, as well as the handsome, elusive Mal, who has a secret of his own. But as the wedding day draws closer, Yavenna has a heart-breaking choice - use all her strength to flee the ancient castle, or marry the King and set his thousands of slaves free. And can she ally herself with rebel forces in time to save Mal, or is the magic the King commands too powerful?


She gasped, an army, coming to kill Ulric. Then perhaps it wasn’t up to her to kill him so she could free the slaves, perhaps she could escape too. With Mal. Her shoulders dropped and she took a deep breath, lifting a hand to rub her head.

For a few moments neither of them said anything and the castle below them was quiet. She raised her chin and looked at the dark hair curling over his forehead. If they ran away together she could get to know him. She’d like that.

He raised a hand to brush a strand of hair from above her eyes and his finger grazed her cheek. She met his eyes and swallowed. She should go. She wished he could come with her now, but it was too risky.

“We can go and find your army. Tomorrow.” She pressed the dagger hidden in her sleeve and thought of the man who’d tried to grab her. “I can fight a bit and I’m excellent with a bow.”

He smiled slightly and stepped closer to her.

Thrusting her hand down her sleeve she clasped the dagger and pulled it out. “Here, take this. It’s a bit bigger than the last one. It’ll do more damage if you need it.” She offered it to him.

He reached to get it from her and she shivered as the palm of his hand brushed her fingers. But he didn’t take his hand away, instead, he grasped her fingers. “Thank you, Yavenna. Thank you for wanting to help me.”

4 stars

I really enjoyed reading Remnant of Power by J.A. Deakin. I felt like the story had an overall nice pacing, although at times it was kind of slow. It was a very interesting story with a focus on some deep topics like slavery.

I love fantasy books with a touch of magic, and this book was a perfect fit for my desire to read a fantasy book. It was full of well-written and likable characters which for me is really important. Yavenna was a strong female character, and Mal was another great character.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to those who love to read YA fantasy, because this book was a great read. It was also decently quick to read through if you are able to push past the slow moments within the book.


J.A. Deakin is a former Art and Spanish teacher. Remnant of Power is the first in a series of five books packed with secrets, magic and romance.
When she isn’t reading or writing, J. A. Deakin likes to run in the woods behind her Victorian cottage in Leicestershire, England. She hasn’t met any talking wolves there yet but remains hopeful and always looks out for them.

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  3. J.A. Deakin writes...
    Thanks so much for your review Chelsea, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading Remnant of Power, I really enjoyed writing it! Remnant of Power is currently free on Amazon as well as Smashwords, and book two, Daughter of Mystery is available free when you sign up to my mailing list at jadeakinauthor.com. (I've had to post this comment as "anonymous" as I'm having a few problems swapping between my personal google account and my work account.) Thanks again :)

    1. I was grateful for the opportunity to read your book!

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