Friday, July 7, 2017

Tour + Review and Giveaway: History of Hilary Hambrushina by Marnie Lamb

The History of Hilary Hambrushina
Marnie Lamb
Publication date: May 31st 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Hilary has one goal for her first year in junior high: to become popular. But her plans are turned upside down when her best friend leaves for the summer and a quirky girl named Kallie moves in next door. Kallie paints constellations on her ceiling, sleeps in a hammock, and enacts fantastical plays in front of cute boys on the beach. Yet despite Kallie’s lack of interest in being -cool, – Hilary and Kallie find themselves becoming friends. That summer friendship, however, is put to the test when school begins, reigniting Hilary’s obsession with climbing the social ladder. As Hilary discovers the dark side to popularity, she must decide who she wants to be before she loses everything.

3 stars

The History of Hilary Hambrushina was a light contemporary young adult novel with some tough topics. I thought the overall idea of the story and the way it was told is great - it deals with body images of a pre-teen, it's about bullying, relationships with friends, and relationships with family. This book is perfect for a pre-teen to read because it is so relatable.

Overall, I liked the story but it wasn't a story that I completely fell in love with. There were parts that were really slow for me, and there were times that it was hard for me to relate with Hilary - even though I tried as much as possible, but it was still a good book and I would definitely recommend this book to younger readers.

Author Bio:
A Journey Prize nominee, Marnie Lamb earned a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Windsor. Her short stories have appeared in various Canadian literary journals. Her first novel, a YA book named The History of Hilary Hambrushina, is forthcoming from Iguana Books. When she is not writing fiction or running her freelance editing business, she can be found cooking recipes with eggplant or scouting out colourful fashions at the One of a Kind Show. 


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  1. Congrats on a beautiful YA story with beautiful cover art!